Congratulations Graduates! at Thirteen

June 23rd, 2008

Inside Thirteen blogger: Josh Kail, Associate Publicist at Thirteen

Graduating students who participated in the GED Connection and GED en Español programs produced by Thirteen/WNET

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to see the unique impact Thirteen/WNET has on the community beyond the glow of the television set. Over 100 men and women, surrounded by their friends and family, were awarded their General Educational Development (GED) diploma in our main studio. These graduates came from all around the city, where for the past year, with the help of their dedicated teachers, they studied, learned and ultimately passed the GED exam.

The atmosphere in the halls at Thirteen was noticeably different, the busy hustle of business replaced by the excitement and pride of the day. Each of these students had their own stories and reasons as to what brought them to this point in their lives, but this one event was the culmination of their unified goal. The pride in that collective success could be felt by everyone.

I am proud that Thirteen had an active part in the success of some of these students. By broadcasting GED Connection and GED en Español, adult students whose busy schedules do not allow for them to participate in traditional classes are able to record these programs to help them prepare for the exam. This, coupled with the availability of tutors and teachers, gave a helping hand in their success.

Although the graduation has passed and the graduates have moved on to their next goal, Thirteen’s commitment to education continues. This year was just one in nearly twenty of GED programming and graduations, and thankfully, it is not the last. A new year of educational programming for students of all ages is close to starting, and the same opportunities provided for the 2008 graduating class are open to the future 2009 graduating class. Go here for more information about Thirteen’s adult education projects, or see the Adult Education section at EdOnline.

More graduating students — all photos: Joe Sinnott