The Thirteenth: Public Television, The Swimsuit Issue

June 13th, 2008

Real journalists don’t spend their idle hours writing about Hillary’s pantsuits. Nor do they tell people who sit in front of their office writing screenplays about world-threatening weather and world-threatening insects and world-threatening greed and stupidity and world-saving special effects done in Flash animation to hold their calls, should they get any.

Imagine my satisfaction, then, when cartoonist Roz Chast agreed to let me present “Public Television: The Swimsuit Issue,” as if done by her mother-in-law, a sweet unsuspecting woman with grandchildren. Roz understands that I live in the world of words, while she lives in the world of the senses, of color, and light.

So when I sensed a unique promotional opportunity for public television in a concept immortalized by Sports Illustrated, I grabbed it. I drilled down. I did not pander to the least common denominator. No. I pandered to the most uncommon numerator. And I retained the celebrity-driven power of art.

And Roz understands this, even if she is totally unavailable at the present time. Which is why, for our first summer issue of “The Thirteenth,” I give you “Public Television: The Swimsuit Issue,” by Roz Chast’s mother-in-law, as storyboarded by me, exclusively for you. What can I add except to say, bring on summer and bring on summer tv!

Please note: No members of the Chast family were harmed during the making of this cartoon. Members of the Thirteen family were neither consulted nor harmed, except for Rafael, who looks ten pounds heavier when illustrated.

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