I Love My Job

June 5th, 2008

Inside Thirteen Blogger: Ellen Doherty, series producer, CYBERCHASE

On CYBERCHASE, not only do I get to work with wonderful colleagues here at Thirteen, making fun action adventure cartoons about math, but I also have the pleasure of working with incredibly talented actors like Christopher Lloyd, who was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance as The Hacker, and comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who brings such humor and heart to cyberbird Digit.

This week, I got another memorable experience because Matthew Broderick, who’ll always have a place in my ‘80s heart for playing Ferris Bueller, stopped by to record a guest star spot in a special “Father’s Day” episode of CYBERCHASE that’ll premiere next year.

Matthew is playing both Max (the easy-going and likeable dad of a good friend of the CyberSquad) and an evil robot version of Max created by the villainous Hacker in order to ruin both Father’s Day and Max’s spotless reputation.

It was a real treat to watch Matthew bring these characters to life using only his voice, giving a warm “Daddiness” to Max and a dastardly zeal to Robot Max, Hacker’s evil invention. One of my favorite moments: there’s a spot in the script where Robot Max is spraying maple syrup over a crowd of people. The hilarious maniacal laughter Matthew gave Robot Max is not to be missed!

Matthew’s decision to take the role was motivated by someone who is perhaps both his biggest and smallest fan: his 5-year-old son, who watches CYBERCHASE all the time. (Matthew said he sometimes watches the show in the morning with his son.)
We had already decided to approach Matthew for the role of Max when we discovered this, but it was great to hear his wife Sarah Jessica Parker mention that their son was a CYBERCHASE fan during a TODAY show appearance in April.

Tune in a year from now to see Matthew’s performance as Max and Robot Max. It’s a long way off but don’t worry…we’ll remind you all about it!