Aaron Brown Brings Experience and Humanity to Wide Angle’s 7th Season

April 29th, 2008

By now you must have read the news about Aaron Brown joining as the new host of Thirteen’s Wide Angle series. I have known Aaron for many years, beginning when we were both working at ABC News. He is a skilled journalist and a wonderful writer, but he first caught my attention soon after he joined ABC News. He was the first co-anchor of the overnight news program and he was on duty during a very sad day.

Sam Donaldson and his producer David Kaplan were in a convoy covering the Sarajevo peace talks when a sniper opened fire. Kaplan, a 22-year veteran of ABC News, was shot and died shortly later at a UN hospital. Aaron was at the anchor desk when Sam called in. As an anchor, there’s no way to prepare for a situation like that. Experience and instinct take over. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone, especially for those of us who had worked with Sam and Dave. Aaron handled it superbly, perfectly balancing his journalistic duties to report the story with a deep sense of compassion for his fallen colleague.

As Wide Angle begins its seventh season on July 1st, I know that Aaron will bring a sure and steady hand to the program and his touch will make this season especially rewarding.

Aaron Brown photo by Bettina Hansen/ASU