Mark Bittman Cooks On The Fly–on

April 18th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Kevin Lezak, freelance producer

We’re working on a special webcast for visitors–a LIVE webcast from The Minimalist, aka food writer Mark Bittman, he of The Best Recipes In The World. He’ll be taking questions from the audience, so think of a good one and send it in. It’s scheduled for April 27th, and should be an event of unprecedented video spontaneity for, as Bittman has requested we don’t give him your submitted questions until the show starts.

I’m thrilled to be working with Thirteen and The Minimalist. Bittman’s wry wit and culinary chops to me define the New York Times palate and always whets my appetite. I always enjoy watching Mark cook, he’s funny, he’s dark, and his food is just delicious. He does not go easy on substitutions, he’s the real deal, and has a great way about the kitchen. His no-BS approach is going to be gangbusters live on the web. I’m wanting people to ask him tough questions, let him know if they’ve tried his recipes and how they’ve worked, especially if they didn’t.

There’s some time between now and next Sunday, I’d encourage you to go try one out in your New York City kitchen. Mine’s small, but I still pull off a great garlic butter reduction over a filet, and can do a bananas foster in a pinch. A good question for Bittman: What’s the tinest kitchen he’s ever worked in?

It should be a fun night. We’re going to be eating, talking about little-known NY dining secrets and recipes. And Mark live is going to be a wild card.