A Ray of Sunshine at Thirteen

April 11th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

It may be cloudy outside but in the hallway of Thirteen, I just ran into a ray of sunshine.

How’s that for a transition to Janice Huff, meteorologist for WNBC and NBC Weekend Today?


I’ve known her for years and off camera she’s as nice as you’d imagine she is. We caught up in audioroom B, where she was recording her lines for Stormy Gale, a character in Cyberchase. Stormy is a weatherborg from cybersite Gollywood… she’s got flashy lightning bolt earrings and, instead of having legs, she floats around on a cloud.



Stormy appears in two special weather-themed shows that will hit the air a year from now, in April 2009. In one of her first programs, Stormy helps the CyberSquad (and viewers like you) use math to figure out when fog forms. (If you’re wondering “Where’s the math in fog?” I’ll tell you. It’s in the measurement you do to keep track of air temperature and humidity, and it’s in the reasoning you do to predict when fog will form.)


Like many of the other well-known personalities who do voiceover work for this program, Janice loves how much Cyberchase empowers young people–especially girls–to be more confident in math. (Christopher Lloyd [Hacker] and Gilbert Gottfried [Digit] star in the series, and other guest voices have included Tony Hawk, Jane Curtin, Al Roker, Philip Bosco, Jasmine Guy, Bebe Neuwirth and Danica McKellar.)

When Janice was younger, before she knew a cold front from a cumulonimbus cloud, she loved the theater. I listened as she recorded her lines, and it’s clear she channels her early theatrical passion.

What’s the difference between a forecast and her work on Cyber-
chase? “When you do the weather, you just get one shot at it,” she said. “When I do Cyberchase, I can do it until I get it perfectly.”

Oh…and one more difference. Weather forecasts come and go, but Cyberchase will live on…on the air, online and in children’s imaginations.