Notes from Table 7

April 7th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

I’m writing on my Blackberry on Sunday night from table 7, one of the two tables we have here at the 51st Annual New York Emmy awards. For some reason, one of our tables is way in front and one is at the back.

There are dozens and dozens of Emmy categories. In some of them, like the category which included “Topless Car Wash”, there is no place for us.

There was a bit of last-second behind-the-scenes drama here involving our excellent production “Setting The Stage.”

To be quite candid, there was some confusion about who might accept the award if we won. At first, we thought Lynn Redgrave would accept because she was the host of the series, but she had a previous commitment, and had emailed me something to read on her behalf.

I wanted the producer Margi Kerns to accept and read Lynn’s statement, but she was at our table in the back of the room.

Just as they began the introduction to our category, two colleagues at my table raced to back of the room to find Margi’s table.

So, what would we do? Who would go up to the podium and accept the award, Margi or me?

There were seconds to go. I was gathering my thoughts, wondering what to do if Margi and I both arrived at the podium at the same time.
Would she talk? Would I? Would the audience pick up on this last-second glitch?

My heart was racing as I heard, “And the winner is…”

The envelope was opened.

And the Emmy went to…”Nuttin’ But Stringz” from the MSG Network.

Oh well, I can thank my family another time.

Meanwhile, at 8:20 pm, back at table seven, we are 0-4.

8:30 pm Yea! We win our first Emmy for “Keeping Kids Healthy.”

9:01 pm Uh oh! It turns out “Setting The Stage” is also nominated as an interview series. Am I supposed to accept this one? Does Lynn Redgrave’s statement apply to this award?

9:02 pm Turns out there’s no reason to panic. The award went to another production.

NY Voices staff at NY Emmys

9:05 pm. Yippee! Loud cheers from table 7 as Thirteen’s “NY Voices” won for Best Magazine Program….our second Emmy of the night!

9:36 pm Wait a second. Lynn Redgrave, from our “Setting The Stage” is nominated in the category of best host.
Now, what did I do with that acceptance speech?

9:37 pm “And the winner is…” The Emmy host fumbles with the envelope. Is my speech on the table? Did I put it in my program?

Neal at NY Emmys

9:38 “…Lynn Redgrave”. Thunderous applause as I reach inside my inside jacket pocket–phew!–make my way to the podium, and calmly read Lynn’s gracious note, thanking the Thirteen and the Academy–just like I planned it!

We are very proud of all our nominees. The long list includes the producers and hosts for “New York Voices”, “What’s Up in Finance”, “Setting the Stage”, “Keeping Kids Healthy”, and our on-air promos. Check out the complete list below. They are all winners in my book.

Thirteen/WNET’s 2008 New York Emmy Award Nominations

ARTS: News
Goodnight Alice. July 20, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Bob Morris, Producer.

ARTS: Program Feature/Segment
Thirteen Setting the Stage: Killin’ Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis. April 6, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Margi Kerns, Executive Producer; Marta Rangel Gibbons, Senior Producer/Writer; Edward Goldberg, Editor; Martha Griffin, Line Producer.

What Makes it Great? December 15, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Bob Morris, Producer.

The 1977 Blackout: Thirty Years Later. July 13, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Jim Epstein, Producer.

What’s Up in Finance? April 1, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Jill Peters, Executive Producer; Naomi Edelson, Arash Hoda, Producers; Edward Goldberg, Editor.

Green Buildings. November 17, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Suzanne Glickstein, Producer.

Greenpoint v. Exxon Mobil. May 11, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Suzanne Glickstein, Producer.

HEALTH/SCIENCE: Program Feature/Segment
Keeping Kids Healthy—Glycogen Storage Disease: An Endless Vigil. October 15, 2005. (Thirteen/WNET). Susan Berger Sabreen, Rich Sabreen, Executive Producers; A. Thomas Tebbens, Executive in Charge of Production; Rob Sweren, Producer; Dr. Winnie King, Host; Heidi Schlatter, Editor; Gary Bramnick, Resources Producer.

HEALTH/SCIENCE: Program/Special
Keeping Kids Healthy—Friedreich’s Ataxia: Living Life “Pretty Well”. August 31, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Susan Berger Sabreen, Rich Sabreen, Executive Producers; A. Thomas Tebbens, Executive in Charge of Production; Tami Yaeger, Producer; Dr. Winnie King, Host; Heidi Schlatter, Editor; Daniel McCarthy, Unit Manager; Gary Bramnick, Resources Producer.

The Battle for Brooklyn. October 26, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Jim Epstein, Producer.

Clearing the Air. September 15, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Bob Morris, Julie Leonard, Producers.

New York Voices. September 11, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Rafael Pi Roman, Host.

Thirteen Setting the Stage: Interview with David Rockwell, “Spectacle”. April 6, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Margi Kerns, Executive Producer/Director; Jed Parker, Co-Director/Editor; Marta Rangel Gibbons, Senior Producer/Writer; Martha Griffin, Line Producer.

New York Voices. September 11, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). John DeNatale, Executive Producer.

RMA Friday Night K2 Promo. February 15, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Felicia van Os, Project Creative Director; Mara Posner, Senior Producer; George Motz, Director of Photography; Margi Kerns, Thirteen Creative Director.

PROMOTION: Program Promo – Sports, Image-Station

Thirteen HD: You Can’t Turn Away! May 25, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Margi Kerns, Executive Producer/Director; David Chomowicz, Project Creative Director; Jed Parker, Editor; Joshua E. Cohen, Line Producer.

ON-CAMERA TALENT: Program Host/Moderator
Lynn Redgrave. April 6, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Thirteen Setting the Stage.

Rafael Pi Roman. September 11, 2006. (Thirteen/WNET). Composite.

DIRECTOR: Post Production
Margi Kerns and Jed Parker. April 6, 2007. (Thirteen/WNET). Thirteen Setting the Stage – Ballet Hispanico/Rockwell.