Behind the Scenes: The Perfect Pair

March 13th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: The Thirteenth

What shall I share with the curious in my first Inside Thirteen post?

There’s the election. Too political. There’s the economy. Too sad. There’s sex and violence. Too too cable. Nope, I think to start, I should play it a little safe, so I’m going with the suspenders.

My new boss and your new president of Thirteen, a dashing man of unparalleled skill sets, wears them. Beautiful ones, as you already know if you’ve tuned in to Reel 13 or were one of the 8,000 educators who heard him speak at our recent Celebration of Teaching and Learning event.

As a staff writer for business materials at Thirteen, I am uniquely qualified, as I often say in my proposals about our television shows, to ask the following question about his suspenders: Do they say everything they really can about how we envision public television for the 21st century?

Yes. But perhaps we could design a pair tailor-made for the Thirteen universe. I thought I’d ask Arnie Levin, our Thirteen program guide cartoonist to give it a shot. Arnie is an award-winning cartoonist for The New Yorker and head of computer animation at the School for Visual Arts, whose recent show at the Century Club was called “Finally, My Own Show.”

Date: March 10, 2008
To: Arnie Levin
From: The 13th
Re: Neal’s suspenders

Please select a concept “that works for you” and respond asap:
–How to express hope and vision on suspenders.
–How to promote primetime series on suspenders.
–How to demonstrate that suspenders can draw millions of new viewers to PBS.

Date: March 11, 2008
To: The Thirteenth
From: Arnie Levin
Re: Neal’s suspenders

Feel free to cut and paste his original design into your personal fashion files if you, too, need to align your clothing with the power of public television.

Tune in next month, when The Thirteenth returns on the 13th, for the 13th, and by the 13th, with poems about television.

The Thirteenth