Highlights of Teaching & Learning

March 9th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

I’ve just returned from the two day Teaching & Learning Celebration at the New York Hilton hotel.

It’s been a long but exceptional two days for educators and administrators….dozens of short lectures and several panels in the Hilton Ballroom.

There were so many highlights but what stands out for me is how many educators were touched by what they had seen and heard:

–The teacher from the Bronx who was moved to tears by Jane Goodall;

–Another who said the Judy Woodruff panel discussion with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and former Colorado Governor Roy Romer was the kind of discussion he wished all Presidential candidates would have

There were so many other great moments but what stands out for me is that this event goes right to the core of who we are as a public television station.

Who else would do this? Who else would be committed to a mission to bring educators and those who work with them together?

And some critics wonder if we are relevant. I guess we can teach them a thing or two!