Pledge Personalities

March 4th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

Does a Grammy award winning artist still get nervous? I was chatting with Willy Chirino last night and he doesn’t get nervous at all..not on stage.. not in front of the cameras.

Wish all of us could say the same!


It’s pledge time.

Last night, I walked off the set around 8 pm and stopped in the green room where we keep refreshments and a very nice guy said to me how much he enjoyed the Newshour..and it was Jimmy Osmond.

I think he was worried I might be asking for the latest news about Marie Osmond but it turns out that he is really into technology so we ended up talking about what kind of cameras and studio equipment he really liked.

Then, on the air, he talked about his childhood memories of Walt Disney, Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra, which I guess is more interesting than which camera he liked.

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