NY Times Article

February 19th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

I took a few days in St. Marten over the holiday weekend and I am writing this entry very slowly because it is on a French keyboqrd…I mean keyboard.

The letters are in different places and the modem is a little slow but I still got word of the review of PBS in the NY Times.

So sloaly..i mean slowly, I have been pounding out a response to the Times review. If the NYT doesn’t print it, I’ll share it here.

Meanwhile, I want you to know I wouldn’t have joined Thirteen/WNET if I didn’t believe that television can be a force for good in our world, that public television believes in intelligence and quality and that this station can be an agent of change and innovation to keep public television relevant for today’s viewers and for future generations.

I’d like to hear your thoughts to…please send them to me!