Reel 13 – Things to Do

February 8th, 2008

Thirteen blogger: Neal Shapiro, President

Every Saturday night our new Reel 13 series showcases a Classic, a Short and an Indie film. Ana Ramos is one of the curators of the series. She canvasses film festivals around the world for undiscovered gems. She’s here with some insight into this week’s indie film – Things to Do.

Things to Do

If you’ve ever had a mid-life crisis – at any age! – Things to Do may just speak to you. It’s a film of self-discovery. One of those stories that starts just when the road of life hits a major fork.

Watch a trailer for the film here.

The protagonist is Adam Stevenson, played by Mike Stasko, who also co-wrote the film. He’s an office Joe who decides to quit his job and move back in with his parents to rethink his “life strategy.” When he runs into Mac, played by Daniel Wilson, the two slackers set out to check off items on an eccentric “Things to Do” list.

So, it’s kind of The Bucket List for Generation Z.

Or as BPM Magazine writes, it’s Garden State meets My Name Is Earl.

The film, which was shot entirely on Super 16mm, was filmed in Windsor, Ontario in 2005. There’s a nice Q&A with Mike Stasko and director Theodore Bezaire on a site called The Frat Pack.

Yes, you’ve heard of the Rat Pack. You’ve heard of the Brat Pack. Well, there’s a Frat Pack, too – populated by the likes of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carrell and others. And they have a site that keeps tabs on them.

If Daniel Wilson looks familiar, that’s because – as we learn in the interview – he’s the cousin of the well-known Andrew, Owen and Luke Wilson, and the son of Joe Wilson, who has appeared in Wedding Crashers and You, Me and Dupree. But just as you realize that he looks like his more famous family members, you’ll also realize that he’s a true original.

Stasko’s biggest influence? The critically acclaimed commercial flop Bottle Rocket, which starred none other than Luke and Owen Wilson.

See you at the movies!

-Ana Ramos