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Grade Level: 6-8, although it could be adapted for other grade levels
Subject: Environmental Science
Time Allotment: Six to seven 45-minute class periods

Pollution has a profound effect of water worldwide. In this lesson, students will learn about pollution and different types of contaminants found in water. They will then research some of the world's most polluted water hot-spots and devise plans for pollution prevention.


Students will be able to
  • Relate a method of pollution prevention through words and art

  • Name water contaminants

  • Describe different causes of water pollution

  • Examine the causes of pollution in the world's most prominent pollution hot-spots

  • Design a plan for preventing water pollution

  • Assess the quality and effectiveness of water pollution prevention plans


  • Internet access

  • Dictionaries

  • Science journal

  • Poster board

  • Construction paper

  • Computer paper

  • Crayons

  • Markers

  • Other art supplies




  • Science, Standard 2, Level III
    Understands Earth's composition and structure.

  • Science, Standard 5, Level III
    Understands the structure and function of cells and organisms.

  • Science, Standard 6, Level III
    Understands relationships among organisms and their physical environment.

  • Geography, Standard 8, Level III
    Understands the characteristics of ecosystems on Earth's surface.

  • Geography, Standard 14, Level III
    Understands how human actions modify the physical environment.

  • Geography, Standard 18, Level III
    Understands global development and environmental issues.

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