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For Educators: Here are some great resources for teaching about water and the environment. Download lesson plans, the PLANET H2O Teaching Guide, and envronmental activities.
PLANET H2O Teacher's Guide: Get the free guide offering activities and background information related to the video and Web site. Download the pdf now!
Lesson Plans
Photograph of a woman washing clothes on the rocks of a river in Peru.
Global Water lesson plan
 Grade Level: 3-5: 
Students will learn how children in different parts of the world get their drinking water and three methods for obtaining clean drinking water.
View Global Water lesson planView Lesson Plan.
Photograph of river water crashing into rocks. The Water Cycle lesson plan
 Grade Level: 4-7: 
Students discover how water is created in nature and the path it takes to reach our rivers, streams, and taps.
View The Water Cycle lesson planView Lesson Plan.
Photograph of still water in the Chesapeake Bay. Water Pollution Hot-Spots lesson plan
 Grade Level: 6-8: 
Students investigate some of the world's most polluted water hot-spots and devise plans for pollution prevention.
View Water Pollution Hot-Spots lesson planView Lesson Plan.
Photograph of children cleaning their family's sink and faucet in Peru. Water Use and Conservation lesson plan
 Grade Level: 7-10: 
Students find out the importance of water conservation by monitoring their daily water use and propose methods for home water conservation.
View Water Use and Conservation lesson planView Lesson Plan.
Image of a drop of water. Life in a Drop of Water lesson plan
 Grade Level: 9-12: 
Students investigate just what lives in a drop of water, appreciating how much life a single water drop can support.
View Life in a Drop of Water lesson planView Lesson Plan.
Screen shot of the Urban Park Ranger's Web site. Educational Activities from The Urban Park Rangers -- Conservation: Keeping it Wild, Ecology: The Web of Life, Icthyology: A School of Fish, Botany: Plant Power, Entymology: Buggin' Out.  Click here to find out more about the Urban Park Rangers.
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