Going Green New York travels from the Bronx to Long Island to Lake Champlain, from 20 feet below street level to 300 feet in the air, to explore how New Yorkers are confronting one of the biggest challenges to our future: climate change. During this program, viewers will meet a born and bred New Yorker who is responsible for greening New York City’s subway system; a community activist building green housing in the South Bronx – all the while combating its high rates of asthma; a politician launching Long Island’s first fueling station for hydrogen cars; a mother of three who is betting her future on wind power; and a baker who proves that running a green business is good business. Step by step, they are creating more sustainable ways for us to get our energy, build our homes, eat our meals, and make our daily commute.

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Maury Rubin, green baker and owner of New York City’s City Bakery discusses the importance of developing a green infrastructure for the food business.

Kate Murray is the Supervisor of the Town in Hempstead, New York and has found new and efficient ways to incorporate fuel efficient alternatives, such as the GEM car, into their government operations.

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