Don’t Give up on August Movies!

Sara Vilkomerson | August 20, 2010

We’ve hit that time of year that is among the roughest to be a moviegoer (bested only by January and most of February). The shiny, big bucks blockbusters have come and gone — some have hit big (Inception) some went quietly into the night (remember Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood? We neither! ) — the studios…

Why We Love Julia — Despite the Eat, Pray, Love Merch Machine

Sara Vilkomerson | August 13, 2010

For the next week (at least) we’ll all be besieged by the Eat Pray Love promotional machine. Do not try to fight it: turn on your television and you’ll see the Moonlighting-esque hazy lighting of Italy and Julia Roberts eating spaghetti (or looking beatific in India or adorably riding a bicycle in Indonesia). Cruise by…

Apocalypse Now: Give the Film Version of The Road a Chance

Sara Vilkomerson | August 6, 2010

Hey, have you read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? There was a while there when that seemed to be the only question asked at various dinner and cocktail parties around town. The 2006 Pulizer Prize winning novel was kind of like the Harry Potter/Twilight of the intellectual world — cool kids had it in their back pockets,…

Wither the Debonair Dick?

Sara Vilkomerson | July 30, 2010

Last Sunday evening there wasn’t an empty seat at the 6:50 p.m. screening at BAM for Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Interchangeable bearded hipsters with thick-rimmed glasses, girls in flimsy rompers and slightly peeved looking middle-age Brooklynites crammed together in a small theater — which, not for nothing, rivals only the Film Forum when it comes to…

The Mark Ruffalo Mystique

Sara Vilkomerson | July 22, 2010

This weekend moviegoers who are a bit beaten down by a summer of vampires, airbenders, and Tom Cruise can instead go and see The Kids are All Right, by Lisa Cholodenko, which has been accruing buzz since its Sundance Film Festival premiere in January, and in the last week has made film critics reach for…