Math in Basketball: Introduction

Basketball player Elton Brand presents a challenge about the math behind free throw shots.

Math in Basketball: See how the teams solved the challenge

The teams use different strategies to solve the free throw challenge from Elton Brand.

Math in Special Effects: Introduction

Jeremy Chernick from J&M Special Effects sets up a challenge about lighting for high-speed effects.

Math in Special Effects: See how the teams solved the challenge

The teams take light readings and use their data to find the relationship between intensity and distance.

Full episode of Get the Math 2.0

In Get the Math 2.0, two teams of teens take on algebra challenges around the math in restaurants, basketball, and special effects, presented by chef Sue Torres, NBA star Elton Brand, and designers from J&M Special Effects.

Full episode of Get the Math

Get the Math features profiles of professionals working in fashion, videogame development, and music production who present math challenges related to their work to two teams of students.

Promo for Get the Math

This promo provides a quick glimpse of Get the Math, a multimedia project about algebra in the real world.