The Challenges

Math in Restaurants: Introduction

Chef Sue Torres challenges the teams to use algebra to recommend a price for guacamole.

Math in Restaurants: Take the challenge

Choose one of two strategies to make your prediction for avocado prices in the coming year. Then, use Sue’s rule of thumb to come up with a recommended menu price for guacamole.

Math in Restaurants: Try other restaurant challenges

After solving Sue’s guacamole challenge, try additional challenges involving three menu items with different main ingredients: chicken, shrimp, and beef.

Math in Basketball: Introduction

Basketball player Elton Brand presents a challenge about the math behind free throw shots.

Math in Basketball: Take the challenge

Use the three key variables and Elton Brand’s stats to figure out the maximum height the basketball reaches when Elton shoots a free throw.

Math in Basketball: Try other basketball challenges

Choose new sets of stats and sharpen your skills with additional challenges around the math behind free throw shooting.

Math in Special Effects: Introduction

Jeremy Chernick from J&M Special Effects sets up a challenge about lighting for high-speed effects.

Math in Special Effects: Take the challenge

Use light probe readings to figure out the mathematical relationship between intensity and distance.

Math in Special Effects: Try other special effects challenges

Learn how a setting called an f-stop affects the amount of light coming through a camera lens.