The Challenges

The Setup

This video introduces professionals who will pose real-world math challenges to the teams.

Math in Music: Introduction

DobleFlo talks about using math in music production and presents an algebra challenge related to one of their new singles.

Math in Music: Take the challenge

Match the electronic beat to the instrumental sample by calculating the correct tempo in beats per minute.

Math in Music: Try other music challenges

Choose from different instrumental samples and electronic drum tracks to create a new track and figure out the correct tempo in beats per minute.

Math in Fashion: Introduction

Chloe Dao explains how she uses math as a fashion designer and sets up a math challenge involving one of her designs.

Math in Fashion: Take the challenge

Modify Chloe Dao's design from the video to meet the target retail price of $35 or less.

Math in Fashion: Try other fashion challenges

After solving Chloe’s challenge, use the same skills to modify three more complicated garment designs.

Math in Videogames: Introduction

Julia Detar describes how she uses math to create videogames and presents a math challenge.

Math in Videogames: Take the challenge

Plot a linear path for the spaceship to avoid crashing into the asteroid.

Math in Videogames: Try other videogame challenges

After saving the spaceship, try a more challenging submarine game to test your skills with coordinate graphing and linear equations.