Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Get the Math was designed as a series of modules, each containing interrelated videos and interactive challenges that build on each other to explore an Algebra I topic.  From the homepage, click THE SETUP to view an introductory video, then select one of the topics (Math in Music, Fashion, Videogames, Restaurants, Basketball, or Special Effects) to get started on one of the modules.  You can also access the modules via the CHALLENGES page, and view the video segments on the VIDEO page.

Why aren’t the interactives available on the Get the Math site?

The interactives were created in Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer supported on web browsers. We are currently working on rebuilding them and hope to have them back online in spring 2021.  IN the meantime, we encourage you to continue using the videos and educator materials. We also have a downloadable version of the first three modules that may still run on PCs and Macs, available here.

How can I incorporate Get the Math into my algebra curriculum?

Standards-aligned lesson plans, editable handouts, and answer keys with multiple strategies for each of the modules are available in the TEACHERS section of this website. We have also included sample related assessment items, both multiple choice and open-ended questions, for each of the modules, as well as a video of a teacher using one of the modules in the classroom.

Self-paced online lessons for students, focusing on the Math in Music, Math in Fashion, and Math in Videogames modules, are also available on Teachers Domain. These units are intended to reinforce skills and themes presented in the classroom and provide an opportunity for students to reflect upon the content and to save notes online for them and their teachers to review.

How can I connect with other educators using Get the Math?

We encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page at and join the conversation!  You can also follow our Twitter feed @gettthemath.

When will Get the Math be airing on public television?

Get the Math premiered in 2011 and has been distributed to public television stations nationwide by American Public Television.  Check your local station’s listings to find out if the show will be airing in your area.

Where can I learn more about the professionals and students who appear in Get the Math?

Check out our Q&A’s at Meet the Pros and Meet the Teams.

Questions? Comments?

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