Sunyoung Oh

Sunyoung Oh joined the Board of Director of The Friends of Thirteen, Inc. in October 2018. Oh is Founder and President of the Epiphany Manhattan Academy, a boutique, full-service after school academy that provides students with test preparation for boarding school admissions and top tier college admissions exams. Epiphany is esteemed for its dedication to teaching the whole student. In addition to academic subjects, prep-courses and extracurricular mentorship, it also offers Epiphany Art Studio and Epiphany Music School. These organize exhibitions, benefit concerts, and classes, while supporting students through the creation of original portfolios of work. Epiphany students consistently win national competitions. Since 2013, all of Epiphany’s students have been accepted to elite Northeastern boarding schools such as Exeter, Andover, Choate; Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia; and top universities such as Stanford, MIT and University of Chicago. Epiphany is also distinctive for offering generous financial aid and scholarships to less privileged students.

Oh was a board member of New Americans for Hilary, and currently is a member of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, National Opera America, Queens Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Peace Angels, and New Self Community Church.

Oh is Korean American and works closely with Korean, Chinese, Russian, and Hispanic communities throughout the United States.