Chaplain Sanaa Nadim

Chaplain Sanaa Nadim joined the Board of Directors of The Friends of Thirteen, Inc. in June of 2007.

Chaplain Sanaa Nadim, or Sister Sanaa, as her constituents know her, serves as the Muslim Chaplain for Stony Brook University’s Interfaith Center.

She graduated from Baruch College and became one of the first female foreign exchange traders on Park Avenue. She worked in the private sector for several years until she moved herself and her family to Long Island, where at Stony Brook University she became the first female Chaplain of any Muslim Student Association in the country. Chaplain Nadim built a name for Muslims across Long Island and de-fogged the confusion behind the faith’s beliefs and became the Muslim representative for many popular new stations.

Her career debuted when many news outlets published cover spreads of her accomplishments, involvements, and the paramount social changes she initiated for Muslims across the country. Shortly after, she became a host on the very popular public television show, WLIW’s Face to Face, Faith to Faith and Telecare’s The Women’s Forum, which focused on religious dialogue and issues of multiculturalism and politics. She was a guest of the King of Morocco for a spiritual conference and signed the holiday work order with Governor Pataki.

Her works are celebrated and well respected. She co-authored the book, Women for Women of Afghanistan, which only added to her vast achievements. Chaplain Nadim currently sits on the Community Advisory Board for WLIW21 and has represented herself and the Muslim community to Congress on Capitol Hill in D.C. annually. Her works have re-shaped the image of Islam and paved a way for the Muslim youth of tomorrow.

Chaplain Nadim absolutely loves her job at Stony Brook University, particularly because of the phenomenally warm atmosphere amongst her colleagues and the understanding of the importance of a community. She built the Stony Brook Muslim Student Association and works tirelessly for its constructive growth, which was reflected by an American interfaith survey that noted Stony Brook University as having the largest Muslim Student Association in the nation. At Stony Brook, she has built the institution of Islamic Society, which consisted of creating a safe space for worship, halal food, and a diverse community for Muslim students, complete with counseling. She has advocated on the interfaith board, connected with administration, served on university programs and events and created a climate of acceptance and success for the Muslim community and the campus at large.

Chaplain Nadim has dedicated her life to the public service, refusing prestigious job offerings from top companies and universities. Her current agenda involves working with different religious and cultural organizations, as well as private and public institutions to continue building bridges among different faith groups to positively enhance the image of Islam through unity and understanding. Chaplain Nadim met with Pope Benedict XVI and the Grand Sufi Sheikh Nazim on the Island of Cyprus, which was published in The New York Times. She and her work were personally honored by President Obama at the White House. Chaplain Nadim is the Vice-Chair of the Muslim Advisory Board of Suffolk County. She sits on the Anti –Bias Task Force, she is the Chair of the Interfaith Center at Stony Brook, and also serves as Chaplain at the Spiritual Care Department at Stony Brook Hospital. These are only a few of Chaplain Nadim’s remarkable accomplishments that represent her endowed dedication to serving the public.