Treasures of New York: St. George Theatre

November 1st, 2017

Treasures of New York: St. George Theatre takes viewers behind the curtain of a vibrant theatre and beloved community institution on Staten Island. Starting in the golden age of vaudeville, the film follows the St. George Theatre’s story of survival and transformation through decades of disrepair – until a local dance teacher and her daughters step in to rescue the theatre and turn it into the thriving live performance venue it is today.

Mrs. Rosemary and daughters. Credit: Staten Island Advance.

Friends of Thirteen Board Member Doreen Cugno is one of the three daughters that helped save the theatre.

“My mom grew up in this theater. I loved hearing the stories that her brothers and her would come here and see movies and double features. They’d even have ballroom nights here. She loved this theater. We reached out and said ‘if we start a nonprofit, would you donate it to us?’ The rest is history.” – Doreen Cugno, Co-Founder, President & CEO, St. George Theatre.

Treasures of New York: St. George Theatre is a production of WLIW LLC in association with WNET. Funding for Treasures of New York: St. George Theatre is provided by the Friends of THIRTEEN and The Staten Island Foundation.

This Treasure premiered in October on WLIW21 and THIRTEEN. It will air again on WLIW21 on January 18th at 8pm. Can’t wait? Stream it online today!