Pacella Fund supports two productions

November 16th, 2011

As its inaugural projects, the Dorothy Y. Pacella Fund has helped to finance two arts programs for WNET. The two projects, We Are The Knights and Pedro Ruiz: Coming Home, premiered in September and have since reached over 300,000 viewers.

We Are The Knights tells the story of Colin and Eric Jacobsen, founders of The Knights, an orchestra that has come to represent the next generation of classical musicians. We Are The Knights will air nationally this fall. Watch the full program below.

Pedro Ruiz: Coming Home follows dancer and choreographer Pedro Ruiz on his return home to Cuba to organize the first joint Cuban and American dance performance in over half a century. Go behind the scenes as Mr. Ruiz leads a Cuban company in creating Horizons, a spectacular half hour dance, which premiered at Havana’s Mella Theater on January 28, 2011 and had a two week run at the Joyce Theater in New York City in May. Watch Pedro Ruiz: Coming Home below.

In addition to the two television programs, the Pacella Fund financed two web segments on New York Comic Con, the first time WNET has covered the East Coast’s largest pop culture event. The segments were organized and produced by WNET freelancers Christine Berrios and Matthew Chao. Additionally, Matthew and Christine trained two students with no prior video production experience the basics of creating a news segment. Both segments are available: here and here.

The Dorothy Pacella Fund was launched by the Friends of Thirteen, Inc. in June 2010 to honor Dorothy Pacella’s 21 years of exemplary commitment to stewarding community connections for public media. It was created with the purpose of acting as a catalyst for innovative community engagement in the metropolitan area by providing support for partnerships, internships, new media initiatives, and projects. If you are interested in contributing to the work of the Friends of THIRTEEN Pacella Fund, please contact Dorothy Pacella at