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Myrdis D. Allen
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Eleo Pomare
Abdel Salaam
Peter H. Wood

Photo Credits

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater photos diplayed on this Web site are copyrighted materials and may not be downloaded without the express permission of the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc.

About the Film
Top banner (from left to right): Gary Harris, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, in "Ostrich": Photograph by Andy Snow. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Dance Timeline
Top banner (from left to right): Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (detail): Photograph by Andy Snow. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Behind the Dance
Top banner (from left to right): Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Photograph by Barron Claiborne. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Top banner (from left to right): Linda-Denise Evans and Glenn A. Sims, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in "Revelations": Photograph by Andrew Eccles. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Top banner (from left to right): Briana Reed and Amos J. Machanic, Jr., Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in "Revelations": Photograph by Paul Kolnik. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Lesson Plans
Top banner (from left to right): Ronald K. Brown: Photograph by Bruce R. Feeley. Courtesy of the American Dance Festival Archives, 1995. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Top banner (from left to right): Richard Witter and Wendy White Sasser, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in "Chocolate Sessions": Photograph by Paul Kolnik. Bill T. Jones: Photograph by Joanne Savio.

Episode 1: "What Do You Dance?"

Produced and Directed by
Madison Davis Lacy

Written by
Madison Davis Lacy
Adam Zucker

Edited by
Adam Zucker

Episode 2: "Steps of the Gods"

Produced, Directed, and Written by
Madison Davis Lacy

Edited by
Rachel Reichman

Episode 3: "Go for What You Know"

Produced by
Adam Zucker
Madison Davis Lacy

Directed and Written by
Adam Zucker

Edited by
Keir Pearson

Director of Dance Sequences
Gary Halvorson
Horacé Ové

Narrated by
Blair Underwood

Original Music Composed and Performed by
Randy Klein

Directors of Photography
Don Lenzer
Robert Shepard
Buddy Squires

Associate Producers
Kris Jefferson
Valerie Linson
Jodee Nimerichter

Archival Producer
Jenna Lambie

Coordinating Producer
Denise Greene

Additional Producers
Horacé Ové
Maria Patrick

Additional Archival Research
Prudence Arndt
Lewanne Jones

Production Assistant
Amy Grumann

Additional Production Assistants
Christopher Boston
Jennifer Cahill
Chrisitne Van Cott
Joaquin Dorfman
Earl Johnson
Melvin Jones
Gordon Kennett
Alvoro Leite
Annette Macdonald
Jaime Meyers
Thomas Orr
Eugene Ramsey
Themba Sibeko
Dallas Smith
Melanie Smith
Rodney Smith
Keith Townsend

Assistant Editor
Karen Lefcourt

Research Interns
Rachelle Michaud
Jada Shapiro
Erica Bowen
Candace Chambliss
Amy Kaufmann
Laila Sales

Additional Camera
Ed Fussell
Ngaio Killingsworth
David Shaw
Ronnie Smith

Assistant Cameramen
Tadesse A. Bantiweson
Chris Hall
David Mellow
John Romeo
Anthony Savini
David Trenkle
Tim Travitz
Jill Tufts
Jeffrey Victor
Jonathan Weaver

Film Loader
Byran Hoffman

Sound Recordists
Michael Lonsdale
Mark Mandler
Peter Miller
David Patterson
Steve Rogers
Sekou Shepard
John Zecca

Lighting Designer
Alan Adelman

Gil McDowell

Tom Blancato
Kelly J. Britt

Ned Hallick

Scripter/Camera Coordinator
Daisy Pommer

Production Supervisor
Ross Kolman

Stage Manager
Andrea Sumner

Jimmy Jib Operator
Blane Allan

Ted Lehame

Dolly Grip
John R. Barnett

Daniel Seiggard

Carmen I. Abrazado
Paul B. Marsland
Stephanie Renegar

Second Electric
John Roche

Followspot Operators
Angela Michelle Boyette
David Speedy Krivonak

Audio Assistant
Jeremy Barr

Chris Blake
James Hepler
Jane E. Kasper
Julia F. Lochra
Kaoru Sakabe
David Wiggall

Dr. Julia L. Foulkes
Dr. Richard A. Long
Dr. Gerald E. Myers
Joe Nash
Dr. Gayle Pemberton
Dr. John Perpener
Dr. S'thembile West
Dr. Peter Wood
Dr. John Wright

Mathew Diamond

Alvin Ailey
Talley Beatty
Ronald K. Brown
Trisha Brown
Blondell Cummings
Asadata Dafora
Chuck Davis
Ruth St. Denis
Ulysses Dove
Katherine Dunham
Garth Fagan
Lester Horton
Bill T. Jones
Donald McKayle
Eleo Pomare
Pearl Primus
Abdel Salaam
Gus Solomons, jr.
Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

Additional Choreography
Jacqulyn Buglisi -- Denishawn Repertory
Jawole Willa Jo Zollar (Edna Guy Recreations)

Set Designer/Decorator
Rona Taylor

Sarah Timberlake Studios (Lisa John)

Hair & Makeup
Indigo (Jane Brewton)

Costumes for Ruth St. Denis & Edna Guy, courtesy of the Denishawn Repertory Dancers
Tracy Sallows (voice of Ruth St. Denis)
Joanna Rhinehart (voice of Edna Guy)
Michelle Dorant (Edna Guy)
Maxine Sherman (Ruth St. Denis)

Dance Companies
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co.

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
Founder: Jeraldyne Blunden
Artistic Director: Kevin Ward

Forces of Nature Dance Theater
Artistic Director: Abdel Salaam

Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE

Urban Bush Women
Artistic Director: Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

Dancers for Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co.
Miguel Anaya
Germaul Barnes
Stefanie Bland
Eric Bradley
Catherine Cabeen
Christian Canciani
Daniel Russell Kubert
Rosalynde Leblanc
Toshiko Oiwa

Dancers for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
Monnette M. Bariel
Maria Berman
Shana Bloodsaw
Isiaih Davis
Ricardo Garcia
Terence Greene
Veronica Green
G.D. Harris
Deshona Pepper
Alvin Rangel
Greer Reed
Angela Reid
David Reuille
Jerome Stigler
Sheri Williams

Dancers for Forces of Nature Dance Theater
Antoinette Coward
Wayne Daniels
Dyane Harvey
Fritzlyn Hector
Cheryl Hill
Jerome Hunter
Kevin Joseph
Penelope Kaloo
Edward Lawrence
Johari Mayfield
La Niece Mobley
Eugene Niles
Hisham Tawfig
Sheryl Pollard Thomas
Lakai Worrell
Dina Wright

Musicians for Forces of Nature Dance Theater
Randal Alston
Jerome Hunter
Kojo Johnson
Abdel R. Salaam
Michael Wimberly

Online Editor
Alvin Bowens

Audio Mixer
Paul Furedi

Recording Engineer
Robert Harari

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