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Posted: June 11th, 2008
The Impact of Listening and Being Heard

For some veterans it takes years before they choose to speak about their war experiences. And some veterans never do. What happens when veterans finally share their stories? How does it feel to be heard? And how are we, as listeners, affected? This discussion is moderated by Philip Napoli, curator of the oral history exhibit “In Our Own Words: Portraits of Brooklyn’s Vietnam Veterans,” at the Brooklyn Historical Society; and by Amy Starecheski, author of Telling Lives: Oral History Curriculum Guide. Participants include Dr. Herbert H. Stein, Director of the PTSD Clinical Team at the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in Brooklyn; Vietnam nurse Joan Fury, and; Vietnam veterans Neil Kenny, Rudy Thomas, Tony Velez and Tony Wallace. This event was held at the Brooklyn Historical Society, where the exhibit, “In Our Own Words: Portraits of Brooklyn’s Vietnam Veterans”, features these panelists and will be up through Spring 2009.



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