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Posted: February 27th, 2008
The Conservative Ascendancy

Despite significant losses in the 2006 midterm elections, the Republican Right remains a powerful force in American politics. In his book The Conservative Ascendancy, Donald Critchlow explores the anomaly of the Republican Right’s anti-statist ideology in an age of mass democracy and Cold War hostilities. In Critchlow’s view, though today’s intensified partisanship can be unsettling, it reflects the vibrancy of a mature democracy and deepening political participation. Critchlow is joined by panelists Tom Edsall, Joseph Pulitzer II and Edith Pulitzer Moore Professor of Journalism, 25-year veteran of the Washington Post, and author of Building Red America: The New Conservative Coalition and the Drive for Permanent Power; John Judis, senior editor of the New Republic; and Wendy Kaminer, an author and lawyer who serves on the National Board of the American Civil Liberties Union; and moderator Lewis Bateman, senior editor, Cambridge University Press. This event was sponsored by the Wolfson Center for National Affairs at The New School.



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