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Posted: December 9th, 2009
Low Cost / No Cost and the City

Christopher Allen, founder and director of UnionDocs, independent producer and new head of programming at UnionDocs, Steve Holmgren, Rich Siegmeister and Bob Morris of Reel13, and Keith Boynton and Mike Lavoie of 12films12weeks met at DCTV for a New York Film/Video Council discussion about low-cost filmmaking, exploring how filmmakers with low budgets can produce valuable work.

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Howard Weinberg, President, New York Film/Video Council
Ginger Brown, New York Film/Video Council
Pamela Cohn, Moderator
Christopher Allen, Union Docs
Steve Holmgren, Union Docs
Rich Siegmeister, Reel13 WNET.org
Bob Morris, Reel13 WNET.org
Keith Boynton, 12films12weeks.com
Mike Lavoie, 12films12weeks.com

Recorded at DCTV, New York, October 27, 2009. Runtime: 88 minutes.

About the New York Film/Video Council

This season the New York Film/Video Council celebrates more than a half century of service to the New York independent film and video community. We would like to invite you to become a member.

From September to June, the Council offers monthly programs organized by our volunteer board of directors. The events include screenings, seminars and panel discussions on topics such as: production funding, new media technologies, distribution, exhibition, as well as a variety of issues facing film and video producers. Each event features an informal reception.

One of the best aspects of the Council is the opportunity to informally meet other professionals in the New York media community. Our members include independent film and video producers and artists, writers, crafts people, cable television programmers, film and video distributors, media librarians, museum curators, festival coordinators and others. There is a real sense of community at the meetings, and members are often able to share information and support each other’s work.

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