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Posted: January 13th, 2010
An Evening with Su Friedrich

Filmmaker Su Friedrich joins Union Docs for a film screening and discussion, following her workshop with the Union Docs masterclass.

She screens her non-fiction works Seeing Red (2005) and Odds of Recovery (2002) and answers questions about the films and her other work. Fore more information about the event and the films screened, click here.

Union Docs presents this program in partnership with The Standby Program.

Follow @uniondocs and @standbyprogram to learn more.

Recorded November 17, 2009 at Union Docs, Brooklyn.  Running time: 40 minutes.

About Su Friedrich
Su Friedrich began filmmaking in 1978 and has produced and directed eighteen 16mm films and videos. Her work is screened and distributed widely throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She teaches film & video production at Princeton University. Her DVD collection is distributed by Outcast Films.

About Union Docs
Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, UnionDocs is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to present a broad range of innovative and thought-provoking non-fiction projects to the general public, while also cultivating specialized opportunities for learning, critical discourse, and creative collaboration for emerging media-makers, theorists, and curators.

Our local screenings, exhibitions and lectures attract people from New York City and beyond, promoting dialogue about significant social questions and expanding popular awareness of the documentary arts. Expert panels and discussions from these events are recorded, archived, and made available online to growing national and international audiences. For individuals in their early careers, The UnionDocs Collaborative is a program that deeply engages current modes of non-fiction and facilitates the annual production of a group project.

UnionDocs seeks to support compelling, creative work in this field because we believe that documentary art, when paired with thoughtful context and open debate, is an invaluable tool for understanding the complexities of contemporary life and creating a better society.

About The Standby Program
THE STANDBY PROGRAM, INC. is a non-profit media arts service organization founded in 1983. Standby is dedicated to fostering the creation and preservation of media art work by democratizing access to media technology, providing technical information and consultation, and creating resources which advance the development of the field as a whole. Standby provides artists and independent makers access to state-of-the-art media services at affordable rates. Standby is an innovative program that allows the arts community access to the resources of the private sector. The program operates out of several top-rated media post-production studios located in New York City. These facilities drastically discount their rates for Standby clients by as much as 25 -85% off list prices.



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