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Posted: October 6th, 2008
Solutions for Preserving New York’s Neighborhood Businesses

The proliferation of chain stores and bank branches is an increasing threat to the character of diverse neighborhoods throughout New York City. By highlighting successful innovations that have been adopted in other cities and exploring the distinct pressures faced by business owners, this program aims to provide local merchants, community members, and municipal representatives with tools and strategies to safeguard small-scale retail, drive economic development, and establish a constituency pushing for policy reform. Speakers include: Lisa Kersavage, Director of Advocacy & Policy, MAS; Adam Friedman, Executive Director of New York Industrial Retention Network; Vicki Weiner, Director of Planning and Preservation, Pratt Center for Community Development; John Shapiro, Chair, Graduate Center for Planning and Environment, and Partner of Phillips Preiss Shapiro Associates; Makalé Faber Cullen, Director of Social Ventures, Center for the Urban Environment; and Tom Cowell, Economic Development Policy Analyst, Office of the Manhattan Borough President. This event was held at the Municipal Arts Society.



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