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Posted: February 17th, 2010
What to Eat: Diet, Nutrition, and Food Politics – An Evening with Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle contends that the modern grocery store is a place where the giants of agribusiness compete for your purchases with profits—not health or nutrition—in mind. Her acclaimed book, What to Eat, helps readers navigate the supermarket aisles and make sensible food choices, from produce to packaged foods. Is organic food better? Are carbohydrates bad? What are “functional foods?”

Nestle has helped millions learn how to decode food labels, nutrition and health claims, and portion sizes, and make decisions about food on the basis of freshness, taste, nutrition, and health, as well as social and environmental issues and, of course, price.

Marion Nestle will addresses the science of nutrition, explaining how hard nutrition science is to do and to interpret, and yet how easy it is for food marketers to confuse the science to sell products. She discusses the hot topics of sponsored science, functional foods, health claims, and self-endorsements, with audience questions following.

This event is part of the Girls Night Out at The New York Academy of Sciences series.

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Recorded at the New York Academy of Sciences, New York City, on February 16, 2010.  Total runtime: 89 minutes.

About The New York Academy of Sciences

The New York Academy of Sciences is a membership organization with over 24,000 members in 140 countries. They include research scientists at universities and industry, as well as representatives of business, government, and policy organizations. Our Board of Governors and President’s Council include 26 Nobel laureates and other prominent leaders of academia and industry, based in New York and around the world.



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