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The Municipal Arts Society of New York
Housing New Yorkers in the 21st-Century

Housing New Yorkers in the 21st-Century

Urban visionary and activist Jane Jacobs wrote that a strong sense of community is critical in creating dynamic and diverse neighborhoods. But today, it is increasingly difficult for New Yorkers of low and moderate income to live here. In the midst of these precarious economic times, how can planners, architects, city officials, and developers work […]

Posted: Nov 5th, 2008
Solutions for Preserving New York’s Neighborhood Businesses

Solutions for Preserving New York’s Neighborhood Businesses

The proliferation of chain stores and bank branches is an increasing threat to the character of diverse neighborhoods throughout New York City. By highlighting successful innovations that have been adopted in other cities and exploring the distinct pressures faced by business owners, this program aims to provide local merchants, community members, and municipal representatives with […]

Posted: Oct 6th, 2008
Coney Island at the Crossroads

Coney Island at the Crossroads

The City of New York’s Comprehensive Development and Rezoning Plan for Coney Island would reduce to 9 acres from 15 a city-owned open-air amusement park north of the Boardwalk between KeySpan Park and the New York Aquarium. It would transform the area into a year-round entertainment district, with abundant retail and as many as 5,000 […]

Posted: Sep 17th, 2008
Civic Activist Boot Camp

Civic Activist Boot Camp

Individuals can affect the urban planning process by protest and resistance, or by working within the system. This forum begins with the proposition that Jane Jacobs was not beholden to any particular strategy for creating change in urban planning. Discussing different ways to help individuals make their voices heard were Marshall Brown of Atlantic Yards […]

Posted: Oct 16th, 2007


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