What's Up In Finance?
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Photo of Eddie and Loius working together to create a sensible budget.
In Orange County, California, college student Eddie Romero consults financial planner Louis Barajas to find a way to pay his bills, pursue a music career, and save for the future. Barajas helps Romero create a budget, track expenses, and start investing his money.

Online Resources

Online Financial Games

Reality Check
A way to calculate how much money your "dream life" would actually cost.

Help Herbie find parts to return to his home planet by answering financial questions and exploring Moneyopolis.

The Grand Scam Challenge
Part of the Federal Trade Commission's Web site, these games are all focused on avoiding common financial scams.

It All Adds Up
Play online games about credit cards, investing, saving, and more.

Hot Shot Business
This game allows you to start and run a small business (a pet store, a comic book store, etc.), setting prices, and learning about the world of entrepreneurship.

Sense and Dollars
Games about credit cards, checking accounts, and affording a "dream prom"!

The Mint
Games and info about all aspects of money management.

Photo of Nashville high school students competing in the Youth About Finance Competition.
Two teams of students from Nashville, Tennessee compete in a simulation of a multi-billion dollar business deal during the Youth About Business competition, which gives high school students a chance to figure out if a career in high finance might be right for them.
Financial Calculators

Practical Money Skills for Life: Calculators
A wide variety of financial calculators for budgeting, credit cards, and more.

Basic Compound Interest Calculator
Calculate how much will accumulate through weekly savings.

MoneyChimp: Compound Interest
Calculate accumulated interest on a set amount of principal. Includes interactive graphs and mathematical formulas.

Financial Information

Youth About Business
The Youth  About Business leadership-training program for high school students introduces the mechanics of how to run a business successfully.

eXtension Financial Security for All
eXtension is an educational partnership of more than 70 universities providing access to objective, research-based information and educational opportunities.

Practical Money Skills for Life
Excellent finance calculators and lots of information about finance terms and ideas.

Fast Financial Facts
Financial information about everything under the sun from the National Teen Resource Bureau.

Young Investor
Ideas about earning, saving, and investing money for teenagers.

Young Money Magazine
This site has loads of information about all kinds of money issues for young people, from student-loan management to how to start your own company.

CU Succeed -- Teens Financial Network
This site provides information about jobs, credit cards, savings, and budgeting, which is useful for all teenagers.

The True Cost of Paying the Minimum
Find out how much it costs to pay only the minimum payment with this compound-interest calculator!

Checkbook Basics
Online interactive training program that will help you to effectively manage your checkbook.

Freddie Mac Credit Smart
A curriculum to help consumers understand, build, and maintain better credit.

Investing for Your Future
A comprehensive home study "course" for beginning investors, covering all the basics of investing.

For Parents
Teaching Children and Teens about Money
Helping teenagers get a grasp on basic money concepts.

How to teach Teens the value of a dollar
Nice article about strategies for helping teens understand money.

Teaching Teens Consumer Skills and Money Management
An article focusing on helping teenagers with learning disabilities or ADHD handle money effectively.

One Minute MBA Lessons
Financial information for people of all ages, organized into life-centric topics.