What's Up In Finance?
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The digital music player was on sale for $350.00... but Emma, Byron, Kevin and Maria all ended up paying different amounts.

Emma paid $714.86. Byron paid $514.24. Kevin paid $360.28, and Maria paid $350.00.

Each person bought the music player with a credit card. Each person used their credit card in a different way.

Now, it's up to you to put together the pieces of this mystery, and to figure out who did what and when.

You won't need ANY math to do this, but you will need some psychology! By looking at how each of these friends acted with their credit cards, you'll be able to logically deduce why they ended up paying what they did.
If you get confused by any of the credit card lingo, click on the highlighted words to go to the glossary.

Credit Card Primer Case Files Choosing and Using a Credit Card Credit Card Glossary