What's Up In Finance?
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It Costs What?!
Emma, Byron, Kevin and Maria are four good friends. They all went to the electronics store and purchased the latest and greatest digital music player. The price of the music player was $350.00. . .but when all was said and done, each of the four friends ended up paying a different amount. How is that possible?! How can four people end up paying different amounts for the exact same thing?

Well, it all has to do with those wacky pieces of plastic called credit cards. How much do you really know about how credit cards work? Are credit cards a bad thing? What does it mean to buy something with plastic?

If you think you understand everything about credit cards, investigate the case files to puzzle out just what happened to Emma, Byron, Kevin, and Maria. If your credit card smarts need brushing up, take a crash course on how they work. If you're in the market to get a credit card of your own, get some strategies for choosing wisely.

Credit Card Primer Case Files Choosing and Using a Credit Card