Tori's Toybox
Tori's Toybox is a manufacturer of educational toys for the pre-school set. It relies on the holiday season for a large percentage of its sales. The CEO is a strong leader who has made innovations to the educational toy market.

Date Event Stock Price
January Weak holiday season -- sales are low 40
March Successful CEO quits to go to competitor. 36
May New line of toys introduced. 38
July New line of toys featured in major film. 40
September New toy is found not to be educational. 36
November Toy's popularity falls. 30

Casual Cruiselines
Casual Cruiselines is a successful cruise company that relies on the holiday and spring break seasons for the bulk of its sales. Cruises have traditionally been a popular type of vacation in the U.S., so the company has had a steady clientele.

Date Event Stock Price
January Profitable holiday cruise season. 40
March Strong spring break cruise season. 43
May Cruises generally start to fall in popularity. 39
July Fewer people are going on cruises. 35
September Company buys a chain of ski resorts. 37
November Ski resorts are wildly successful. 42

Wholesome Unlimited
Wholesome Unlimited is a chain of grocery stores featuring organic and highly nutritious foods. Their goods are more expensive than regular grocery store products, and the company is struggling to build a steady clientele.

Date Event Stock Price
January New stores open but lack popularity. 40
March Sales pick up a little in the stores. 42
May Major study released on importance of healthy food. 46
July Summer means everyone is eating more healthfully. 48
September Healthy food becomes the norm in the U.S. 50
November Wholesome is the number one chain of healthy grocery stores. 55

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