Card #1
Card #1 has no annual fee, and an initial APR of 0%. The card also includes rewards: with every $1,000 spent, you get a $10 gift certificate to a local burger chain. After six months, the APR jumps to 19.1%.

Card #2
Card #2 also has no annual fee, and an initial APR of 0%. The cardholder can also take money out on the card at the ATM. However, when these types of transactions are made, the APR jumps to 24.1%. In fact, the rate will go to 24.1% after three months for all purchases. This card also features rewards: after spending $35,000 on the card, you get a free domestic airline flight.

Card #3
Card #3 also has no annual fee, although the APR is 12.9%, with no different initial APR. No rewards are offered.

Card #4
Card #4 is a little different. There is an annual fee of $150, but no APR. With this card, you have to pay off your balance every month. This card also features a rewards program: you get one "point" for every dollar spent on the card, and points can be redeemed for magazine subscriptions and other items.

Card #5
Card #5 isn't officially a credit card. There is no annual fee, no APR, and no balance carried. This card takes money directly from your savings or checking account.


Credit Card Initial APR APR Annual Fee Rewards