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What's Up In Finance?
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Photo of the host, Kwame Jackson
WHAT'S UP IN FINANCE?, a half-hour reality show hosted by Kwame Jackson (from season one of The Apprentice), features teens and twenty-somethings using their money smarts -- and the help of finance professionals -- to work toward financial independence. In segment one, "Moving Out," Eddie Romero, a junior college student and aspiring musician, figures out how to plan for his financial future after moving into his own apartment. "Green Chic" showcases up-and-coming fashion designer Anna Cohen of Portland, Oregon, and her efforts to keep her start-up company -- and her dream of ecologically-friendly fashion -- afloat financially. "The Dealmakers" follows two teams of students from Nashville, Tennessee, as they compete in a simulation of a multi-billion dollar business deal.

Photo of Kwame Jackson.
What's Up in Finance?
with Kwame Jackson
Photo of Eddie Romero.
Eddie Romero is living on his own.
Photo of Anna Cohen.
Anna Cohen is launching her own business
Photo of YAB member.
Teenagers are running multi-billion dollar companies (well, sort of).