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What's Up in the Environment?

Check out these student created projects about the environment.

Watershed Awareness
A group of students explored the health of their local watershed.

Monitoring Scientific Progress
This project assesses the water quality of several New York City rivers.

Project Creek Watch
This site explores the health of a body of water.

Internet Wet
This project is on the topic of wetlands.

International Forest Project
This site is an international project that gathers information about forests.

Environmental Conservation, Stop the Bioinvaders
This Web project explores the impact of an invasive species of crab from
Japan on US marine life.

Alien Invasion of Hawaii
Explore some alien species in Hawaii.

Environment Protection
This student project conveys information about different types of pollution.

This site includes information about acid rain.
This student-created project deals with common misconceptions about greenhouse effect.

Global Warming
See what these students had to say about global warming.

The Future Our Planet
Another student project about global warming.

The Solar Bicycle Created by South El Monte High School
See how these high school students created a solar-powered bike.

Alternative Energy Sources
Find information about a number of different alternative energy sources.

Have you or your class created a Web-based project about the enviroment? Get it published here!
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