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Waste management information

Annenberg Channel: Garbage Exhibit
This site provides an overview of the different kinds of waste, how they are disposed of, and the problems surrounding landfills.

Environmental Protection Agency: Office of Waste Management
Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a complete listing of landfills nationwide. Use this to find landfills in your area.

For My World
This Web site is sponsored by a partnership of non-profit environmental agencies and offers excellent resources including an ask-the-expert feature. Use this resource to ask about waste management problems.

Friends of the Earth Citizen's Guide to Municipal Landfills
This site offers information about municipal landfill problems, along with an explanation of the chemical process of waste decomposition.

Liberty Lands Community Park
This Web site tells the story of Liberty Lands, as it went from an abandoned toxic tannery site to a bustling community park in northern Philadelphia. Explore the history and progress of this amazing restoration project.

The National Gardening Association: Soil Testing Article soil%20testing%20kit&Articlesstart=
If you want your class to conduct its own soil test, this article gives a useful overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of tests.

Organic Gardening Links
This site provides a number of links to organic gardening stores that sell compost.

Composting information

Compost Resources for Home Composters and Gardeners
This site provides a number of links to gardening stores that sell compost.

The Compost Resource Page
Read up on the history of composting, and find out why it is invaluable.

Invasive species information

This site has information about plants, including a searchable, local-plant database (

Invasive Species
This site provides links to sites that tell about the impacts of invasive species and the federal government's response to this problem.

Plants Database
Students can use this site to search for information using specific plant names. They can also read state reports about invasive plants. Scroll down the page to 'Plants Downloads' for downloadable field guides.

Studying a Real Prairie
This site provides information on how to do a quadrant study and explains how a class used a quadrant study to analyze a prairie.

Wildland Invasive Species Program
Click on the interactive map to find the invasive species in your community. Then, surf the site to find out more information on invasive species and what can be done to control them.

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Carson, Rachel. SILENT SPRING. New York: Mariner Books, 1994.
In this classic environmental text, Carson examines the effects of insecticides and pesticides on songbird populations throughout the United States. First published in the sixties, SILENT SPRING spawned a wave of environmental legislation, and has inspired countless Americans to get involved.

Condon, Judith. RECYCLING GLASS (WASTE CONTROL). New York: F. Watts, 1991.
Condon discusses environmental problems stemming from the improper disposal of glass products. She looks into the energy savings and economics of recycling.

Dr. Seuss. THE LORAX. New York: Random House Children's Publishing, 1971.
Published in 1971, THE LORAX shows us the dangers of clear-cutting, pollution, and disregard for the earth's environment.

Osborne, Will, Mary Pope Osborne, and Sal Murdocca. RAIN FORESTS (MAGIC TREE HOUSE RESEARCH GUIDE). New York: Random House, 2001.
Includes information on rain forests around the world, including facts about rain-forest bugs, birds, plants, and animals; maps and photographs.

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prod. and dir. Thirteen/WNET New York
28 min., 2002, videocassette
This video promotes environmental literacy by covering a range of land, air, water, and energy topics. Visit the homepage of this site to see how you can obtain a copy from the distributor, or check your local PBS station listing for air dates.

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