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Environmental science curriculum resources

Classroom Materials for Teachers
This site provides links to activities and materials that address multiple environmental education topics.

Environmental Literacy Council
This site provides extensive resources for investigating the natural world and environmental issues. Look through the teacher and student resources, or read up on the latest environmental news.

Fun Environmental Activities for Kids
Links on this page are to EE-related information, activities, and games for students interested in the environment.

How Stuff Works
This Web site offers basic information explaining how almost anything works. Use the search engine to find out how anything from solar cells to fuel cells work.

KanCRN Collaborative Research Network
This network provides a number of different online, collaborative science projects. It's free, and comes with a wealth of curriculum support resources including mentors, articles about a variety of environment-related topics, and more.

Student-Created Environmental Web Sites
Another EE portal page devoted to student-made environmental Web sites.

General teaching resources

Concept to Classroom: A Series of Professional Development Workshops
Visit these award-winning online workshops full of teaching tips and expert advice. Each workshop focuses on a different topic from Inquiry-based learning, to Multiple Intelligences, to Constructivism--all of which are critical in implementing successful project-based learning in the science classroom.

Department of Education: Partnership for Family Involvement in Education
This site provides extensive resources to get schools, families, and communities involved in student learning. Use this site to find out anything from local mentoring projects or partnerships, to getting your community's businesses involved in classroom projects to clean up the environment.

Thirteen's Ed Online: Internet Primer
This section of the Thirteen Ed Online site contains extensive information about how to use the Internet effectively in the classroom.

National Teacher Training Institute: Resources
Visit our NTTI resources page to get helpful strategies on using technology such as video (like WHAT'S UP IN THE ENVIRONMENT) and the Web in your classroom.

General environment sites

Tours of the World’s Ecosystems
A biodiversity site with activities and tours of the world’s ecosystems.

Giant List of Kid-Friendly Environment Sites
A clearinghouse site with a huge list of environmental Web sites for kids including Defenders of Wildlife Kid's Planet, National Geographic for Kids, and Recycle City.

Environmental Protection Agency: Kids Zone
An Environmental Protection Agency site written for kids. It includes information about air, water, garbage and recycling, plants and animals, and you and your environment.

Local resources

Library of Congress Internet Resource Page for Local Governments
This provides a comprehensive listing of local government Web sites, which may be a helpful resource in finding information about industries in your area, emissions levels, etc. You can also use this Web site to find your appropriate local government contact.

Environmental Protection Agency: Contact Information
Scroll down to the map and click on your region to get contact information for your local EPA office. Consult with local officials to get information about local environmental initiatives in your community.

Community campaigns - examples and tips

National Wildlife Federation: Take Action
This site gives great advice on how to write to local media, write press releases, plan campaigns, and more.

Kids Against Pollution: Kids Activism Group
Kids Against Pollution is a non-profit organization (run by our mentor Christine Shahin-Wood) of multi-national active youth dedicated to solving and preventing pollution problems through educational projects and events.

Environment mentor sites
Use these sites either to find mentors for long-term projects or just get a quick answer from an expert.

Ask a Department of Energy Expert
This Web site allows you to ask a question of a DOE expert. It does ask for personal information, so teachers may want to type in the questions themselves.

Carolina Math and Science: Ask Our Professor
This site allows you to e-mail a question to a math or science expert. The site promises to e-mail you back within two days. Ask a Naturalist Expert
Enature features several different naturalists, all specializing in a different area. Send your questions, via e-mail. It's free.

The Environmentors Project
Educational mentoring program directed by our mentor Whitney Montague (in the Cool Careers section) that matches urban high-school students with local scientists and engineers. Use this site to find a mentor to use with our long-term projects, or any other earth science-related project.

Explorer’s Club: Ask EPA
If students have an environmental question, they can visit this Web site—sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency--and have their questions answered within 15 days.

KanCRN: Web Based Literature, Discussion, and Papers about Mentor and Telementoring Experiences
This page provides a number of links to mentoring organizations, and articles about how to interact with your mentor.

Free field guides Online Field Guide
Access free wildlife and plant field guides on this site, or ask an expert naturalist for help. You can request information specific to your region, but it does require that you input an e-mail address and zip code.

Population statistics

United States Census Bureau: Quick Facts Page
Population density can have a great impact on the environment. Get national or local population statistics.

Technology/teaching resources
These online resources can help you incorporate technology into your environmental lessons or projects.

Funbrain's Quiz Maker
This Web site is free, but requires registration. You can develop quizzes that students take online. The results will be tallied and e-mailed to you.

Global Schoolhouse Internet Project Registry Page
This Web site allows you to either post a request for other classrooms to collaborate with you, or you can search existing projects to see if your data collection is already being done!

Instructional Technology Resource Page
This Web site gives free online instructions on the use of many kinds of software including PowerPoint and MS Word.

Free Listserv Sites
Listservs can come in handy for many purposes, like promoting a class-organized tree planting campaign, or asking a wide range of people for information. They're easy to use, and connect you with a large number of people, fast.

Web Page Building Sites
If your students chose to do any Web site building activities related to the environment, but have limited or no knowledge of html, use one of these Web building sites. They are free, and allow you to input images and text without writing or knowing any code.

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Abbey, Edward. BEYOND THE WALL : ESSAYS FROM THE OUTSIDE. New York: Henry Holt, 1984.
Abbey, the naturalist/environmentalist famous for writing THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG, recounts early hikes and float trips he made in the American Southwest’s high deserts.

Brisk, Marion A. 1001 IDEAS FOR SCIENCE PROJECTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT. New York: Arco Publishing Co., 1997.
Contains practical, original project ideas related to major environmental issues like land, water, air, living things, and human issues. Dr. Marion A. Brisk teaches chemistry at CUNY School of Biomedical Education in New York City.

Hawken, Paul and Armory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins. NATURAL CAPITALISM: CREATING THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Boston: Back Bay Books, 2000.
Argues that businesses can be efficient and profitable when they adopt a “new type of industrialism” that benefits the environment.

Needham, Bobbe. ECOLOGY CRAFTS FOR KIDS: 50 GREAT WAYS TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH PLANET EARTH. London: Sterling Publications, 1998.
A collection of "recycling" craft ideas that teaches kids to re-use, making sure that nothing goes to waste. You can turn natural objects into animals, frames, baskets, bottle gardens, and more.

Thoreau, Henry David. WALDEN; OR, LIFE IN THE WOODS. New York: Everyman’s Library, 1993.
Thoreau’s classic autobiographical account of solitary living in nature.

The Environmental Careers Organization. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL CAREERS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 1999.
For the job hunter, this great resource details almost every environmental profession from hazardous waste management to forestry. Includes case studies (i.e. "a day in the life") and contact information.

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Environmental Defense Fund
National Headquarters
257 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010
Environmental Defense Fund is a leading national non-profit organization representing more than 300,000 members. Since 1967, they have linked science, economics, and law to create innovative, equitable, and cost-effective solutions to the most urgent environmental problems.

702 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
This activist environmental organization has been working to organize environmental campaigns for thirty years.

National Environmental Education & Training Foundation (NEETF)
1707 H Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20006-3915
This non-profit organization sponsors environmental education and training programs for all ages.

National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
1617 Cole Blvd
Golden, CO 80401-3393
NREL, a prominent renewable energy research lab, is developing new energy technologies to benefit both the environment and the economy.

National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA)
1840 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201-3000
NSTA’s mission is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy
4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203-1606
The Nature Conservancy's mission is to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Since 1951, they've worked with communities and businesses to protect more than 92 million acres around the world.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
410 Tarvin Road
Rock Spring, GA 30739
NAAEE is a network of professionals and students working throughout North America and in over 55 countries around the world.

Sierra Club
85 Second St., Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105-3441
This grassroots environmental advocacy group was founded in 1892 and currently has 700,000 members.

Urban Park Rangers
Arsenal North
1234 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029
This organization operates out of 12 nature centers located in Central Park, and other parks throughout New York City's five boroughs. Call their toll-free information line (866-NYC-HAWK or 212-360-2774 outside of NYC) to find out about a variety of programs or visit them on the Web by going to and looking for Urban Park Ranger information.
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prod. and dir. Thirteen/WNET New York
28 min., 2002, videocassette
This video promotes environmental literacy by covering a range of land, air, water, and energy topics. Visit the homepage of this site to see how you can obtain a copy from the distributor, or check your local PBS station listing for air dates.

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