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Ask a Department of Energy (DOE) Expert
This Web site allows you to ask a question of a DOE expert.

GreenWave Radio
Chandler Voorhis and Carey Crane's Web site devoted to bridging the gap between capitalism and environmentalism.

Yahooligans Directory of Energy Information Links
This page gives a wealth of links that lead to information about different kinds of energy.

Energy conservation information

DOE Consumer Information Fact Sheet
This fact sheet defines energy, describes how it's used, and how we can conserve it.

Energy Information Administration's Kids' Site
This site provides a kid-friendly explanation of the different kinds of energy, in addition to a wealth of other resources like energy-related links.

Energy Quest's Saving Energy Page
This page lists ways to conserve energy.

Global Energy Network International
A great site with global energy use information.

Yahooligans Directory of Energy Conservation Links Energy_Conservation/
This page provides a number of useful links about how and why to conserve energy.

Energy audit information

Energy Smart Schools
This site includes directions for performing a school energy audit.

Home Energy Saver
This is an online home energy audit with tips, ideas, and tools to calculate your energy usage and emissions levels.

Fuel cell information

Ballard Products: Fuel Cell Animation
This site has a Flash movie illustrating how Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells work.

DOE: Fuel Cell Technology
This site contains helpful background information and diagrams about how fuel cells work. It also gives ideas for lessons and experiments.

How Stuff Works
This Web site offers basic information explaining how things work. It provides a simple look at how the fuel cell works and some of the technologies that use fuel cells. Just type "fuel cells" into the search engine on the home page.

The Online Fuel Cell Information Center
This site includes many frequently asked questions about fuel cells and provides links for more information.

Scientific American: Beyond Batteries
This article gives basic information about fuel cells and how they work.

Smithsonian Institute
Explore the history of fuel cells with this online archive.

UTC Fuel Cells
This site offers information about fuel cell development from a fuel cell company. Information includes how a fuel cell works, and how they were used in the space program.

Solar energy

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Clean Solar Energy
This list of resources for global energy includes information about air pollution and solar energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
This site provides an overview of many different kinds of renewable energy sources, including solar energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Solar Panel and Motor Kits
This page lists the prices and contact information for low-cost solar panels and motors.

Natural Resources Defense Council
The Natural Resources Defense Council works to hold the government and other agencies to strict pollution standards and encourages the enforcement of environmentally friendly technologies.

The U.S. Department of Energy's National Junior Solar Sprint Web Site
This program offers students the opportunity to create and construct model solar powered cars and enter them in competitions.

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Pringle, Laurence. CHAINS, WEBS, PYRAMIDS, FLOW OF ENERGY IN NATURE. London: Macmillan, 1975.
Excellent diagrams illustrate the flow of energy in natural cycles and how the Earth's energy systems are maintained.

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prod. and dir. Thirteen/WNET New York
28 min., 2002, videocassette
This video promotes environmental literacy by covering a range of land, air, water, and energy topics. Visit the homepage of this site to see how you can obtain a copy from the distributor, or check your local PBS station listing for air dates.

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