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On air

Global warming information

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program Web Site
Visit this Department of Energy-sponsored Web site to get lesson plans relating to air pollution.

Environmental Protection Agency: Global Warming - Climate
This EPA site gives kid-friendly information about global warming.

Environmental Protection Agency: Global Warming
This EPA site provides explanations of global warming, the gravity of the problem, and what's being done about it.

The Global Warming/Climate Change Theme Page
This site includes lots of Web links and lesson plans about the ozone layer. Use this to supplement the research activities provided.
This site presents lots of information from the scientific community that argues we are not experiencing global warming.

Yahooligans Directory of Global Warming Links
This page provides a list of interesting and easy-to-read links, all on the topic of global warming.

Acid rain information

Environmental Protection Agency: Acid Rain
Read through these links to find out what the EPA is doing about acid rain.

Environmental Protection Agency Office of Transportation and Air Quality
This site gives information about air pollution from vehicular and non-road sources. It also has information about reducing air pollution.

The International School Network on Water Toxicity
This page gives detailed instructions for collecting data about the pH levels in rain.

Jake's Lab
Get the facts about acid rain, participate in a national acid rain data collection campaign, view a map marking acid rain data on a national level, or use the interactive activities.

Natural Resources Defense Council
This site has information about air pollution with links to articles and other sites.

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Surf the Net with Kids
This directory page contains a list of useful and readable Web sites about acid rain.

Yahooligan's Directory Page of Acid Rain Links
Choose any one of the links listed on this directory page to find out more about acid rain.
Get information and maps about weather and weather patterns.

Johnson, Rebecca. INVESTIGATING THE OZONE HOLE. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1993.
Chronicles the development of the ozone hole located above Antarctica, and discusses the continued threat of ozone depletion.

Osborne, Will, Mary Pope Osborne, and Sal Murdocca. RAIN FORESTS (MAGIC TREE HOUSE RESEARCH GUIDE). New York: Random House, 2001.
Includes information on rain forests around the world, including facts about rain-forest bugs, birds, plants, and animals. Includes maps and photographs.

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prod. and dir. Thirteen/WNET New York
28 min., 2002, videocassette
This video promotes environmental literacy by covering a range of land, air, water, and energy topics. Visit the homepage of this site to see how you can obtain a copy from the distributor, or check your local PBS station listing for air dates.

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