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What's Up in the Environment?

   Biological oceanographers study marine life. We might research how hydrodynamics (how ocean water moves) affect fish populations or how increased carbon dioxide levels affect coral reef ecosystems. We spend time in the lab and out in the field, scuba diving, and exploring the vast ocean.

   I teach students about ocean/coral reef science, tropical rainforest ecology, and other environmental research that scientists conduct at Biosphere 2 Center in Oracle, Arizona. One research experiment is on eastern cottonwood trees to see how they respond to increasing levels of carbon dioxide.

  As a young boy, I learned to snorkel while on vacation in Florida. The marine world fascinated me and I decided then and there to have a career related to the ocean.

   Provide high quality educational programs to people of all ages. My goal has always been to support myself in a job that was both enjoyable and personally fulfilling. The jobs that I have had have provided both financial rewards as well as professional rewards.
photo of Steve Russell

Steve Russell:    
8:00 AM Start the day by opening up Biosphere 2 Center. I check to see that all of the exhibits, aquaria, elevators, doors, etc. are working properly.

8:45 AM Prepare for the school groups that will be arriving for their science field trips. This includes setting up demonstrations, getting workbooks ready, and briefing my instructors.

9:30 AM Classes begin arriving at Biosphere 2 Center. I spend the next five hours outdoors teaching K-12 students about biodiversity, global warming, and more.

3:00 PM Attend meetings with my staff to evaluate their teaching and tour-guiding performance.

4:30 PM Write new curriculum and develop new education programs for the center.

6:00 PM Head home to cook a gourmet meal and tend to my garden.

No matter what your job turns out to be, you'll have to get up every morning and go to work. Work had better be something that you enjoy, even love, because you will be spending a great deal of your life doing it. So, don't allow an advisor or a parent to talk you into a career that doesn't suit you and what you want.

For more details about my career path, look through my resume. (pdf file)
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