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What's Up in the Environment?

   Environmental architects design environmentally friendly homes that often incorporate solar design and energy efficiency, alternative and high tech building systems, and sustainable and self-sufficiency architecture. In this kind of architecture the roofing should relate to the weather, the windows should relate to the sun's movement, the landscape should be natural, and the building should be energy efficient using natural site factors. All of this creates a structure that is sustainable, non-intrusive, and as self-sufficient as possible.

   After nearly twenty years of working in the construction and architectural design business, I became an instructor for the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program. I direct a construction trades program for high school students in which they build energy-efficient homes for the community.

   As I grew up, my father was active in the community and showed me that one person can affect change. He always said, "You can find a way to get things done or you can find a way not to get things done." I have taken his lesson to heart as an architectural designer and instructor by looking for solutions to water and energy problems.

   I am directing a group of local agencies in an effort to build an educational center devoted to studying the San Gabriel River. The river runs through a highly developed region of LA County, but few of the residents realize its importance to the history, economy, and environment of the area.

Ken Manning:    
7:00 AM Leave for work at the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program (ESGVROP).

7:30 AM Review the day's schedule and work with my assistant.

9:00 AM Attend meetings with ESGVROP program supervisors. Discuss issues related to employee handbook revisions.

11:00 AM Hold phone conference with staff and board members for San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority. Discuss strategies to acquire funds for water clean-up project.

12:00 PM Lunch with representatives from the Alliance to Save Energy. Discuss how to enlarge our partnership to include more schools in energy education.

1:30 PM Work on personnel issues at ESGVROP.

3:00 PM Discuss over the phone, plans for this weekend's tree planting project with the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Expect over 300 people.

4:00 PM Write draft of a newspaper article about career-vocational education in the San Gabriel Valley.

5:00 PM Attend advisory committee meeting for our energy efficient, house construction project. Curriculum is discussed, and plans are made for the project to start within the next few weeks.

6:30 PM Kiwanis board meeting to discuss club projects and membership.

7:30 PM Watch WEST WING.

Career Advice: You alone can make a difference. Study everything--from ecology to chemistry to politics to economics--to get a clear understanding of environmental issues.

For more details about my career path, look through my resume. (pdf file)
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