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What's Up in the Environment?

   A conservation educator teaches the public about the diversity of species, the rarity of many natural communities, and what society can do to restore many of these communities and preserve global diversity. Not all of a conservation educator’s work is done in libraries and classrooms. We spend hours outdoors hiking, and watching birds and squirrels.

   As the Conservation Education Director at the Field Museum, I design and coordinate a number of environmental education programs that teach students about conservation and biodiversity in the greater Chicago region.

   I’ve always enjoyed teaching, learning, and being outdoors, in nature. Being an environmental educator allows me to integrate these loves while continuing to further my knowledge of ecology and conservation biology.

   To provide the community with opportunities for self-determined environmental action. By this I mean teaching people how to choose an appropriate action based on their own thinking, like planting wildflower seeds or removing invasive plant species, that will satisfy them and lead them to stay environmentally active.

Carol Fialkowski:    
7:00 AM While stuck in traffic, review day and notes for 8:30 presentation.

8:30 AM Present to urban design students at Illinois Institute of Technology on "Environmental Issues and Opportunities in the Lake Calumet Region of Chicago."

11:00 AM Participate in meeting at Wolf Lake with scientists from the Illinois Natural History Survey, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Environment to plan BioBlitz for August, 2001.

2:30 PM Participate in planning session with science curriculum supervisor for Regional Office of Education to develop 3 week teacher institute on local biodiversity.

4:30 PM Answer e-mails, voice mails, and mail.

5:30 PM Review notes and guidelines for EPA grant application.

6:15 PM Organize for next day.

Follow your interests and passions. Discover ways to unite those interests with job opportunities. The field is not a large one so this pursuit will require diligence, persistence, and some experimentation.

For more details about my career path, look through my resume. (pdf file)
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