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What's Up in the Environment?

Our field   Environmental journalists research, write, and report news about the environment, like the burgeoning field of fuel-cell technology. We test out and review new environmentally-friendly products like hybrid electric/gas cars and we interview prominent businessmen and politicians.

our job   For the past several years Carey and I have co-hosted the weekly environmental radio program -- GreenWave Radio. More than fifty stations nationwide broadcast the syndicated show, from WJFK 106.7 FM in Washington, D.C. to KFIV 960 AM in Victorville, California.

   While working together at the Alliance for Environmental Education in the early '90s, Carey and I realized that there was a crying need for good news. To combat the traditional news media's negative reporting, we started airing GreenWave to give a voice to the positive work businesses and environmentalists are doing together.

   The usual debate of "do we save jobs even though they may harm the environment, or do we put the environment first" irks us. It shouldn't be an "either/or" situation. Our goal as environmental journalists is to illustrate to the public that we can have a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

Carey Crane and Chandler Van Voorhis:    
8:30 AM Meet in studio for a cup of organic coffee and review e-mails, wire stories, and questions for today's interview.

10:00 AM Conference call with Syndicated Solutions which handles our affiliates.

11:00 AM Have pre-production meeting where we go over music beds, movie drops, and sound effects.

12:00 PM Record interviews with leading companies, such as Chrysler, on a new fuel cell vehicle.

1:30 PM Late lunch.

3:00 PM Send show down high speed ISDN line so that it can be broadcast via satellite connection.

5:00 PM Read over research reports and set up next day's interview.

6:00 PM Go home.

Don't be afraid to fail. In failure, you grow because you test the boundaries. In the radio business we are always testing the boundaries. The world is made up of both good and bad examples. You can either be inspired or disgusted, depending on what viewpoint you want to take.

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