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What's Up in the Environment?
1. biosolids:
The nutrient-rich organic materials produced by recycling treated sewage sludge. Biosolids are used as fertilizer to improve soils and stimulate plant growth.

2. brownfield:
An abandoned or under-used plot of land that is contaminated with harmful chemicals or biological pathogens, which make the area unsafe and uninhabitable.

3. landfill:
A system of waste disposal in which trash is buried on top of a plastic liner and beneath layers of soil. A landfill prevents trash from decomposing by keeping it dry and out of contact with the air. It also keeps the waste from contacting local groundwater supplies. Americans generate about 210 million tons of trash per year! About 27 percent of the trash is recycled or composted, 16 percent is burned, and 57 percent is buried in landfills.

4. Superfund Site:
The name given by the Environmental Protection Agency to the most hazardous waste sites found in the United States.

5. wastewater treatment:
The process of cleaning used water and sewage so it can be returned safely to our environment. One of the byproducts is sludge, which can be recycled into biosolids.

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