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"With no broadcast training, Carey and I started airing GreenWave Radio on one station. Today, we are on 75 stations nationwide."
"I recently completed a project in Poland using municipal sewage sludge, or 'biosolids,' to revegetate hazardous smelter and mining waste sites."
"As an environmental educator, I get to combine my two great loves: learning and being outdoors."
"I’ve traveled the world, from Rome, to the Virgin Islands, to Alaska, to learn all I could about water."
"I am looking for ways to improve the performance of geothermal power plants."
"My construction trades program is building a new energy-efficient home in California."
"I got to wear really cool rain gear--a scuba diving suit. I also saw the beauty of the stream as it grew in power and volume over the course of each storm, whirling and sweeping through its steep banks."
"Much of what I do is legislative--meetings with government officials -- or educating the public about global warming."
"I am working with other Columbia University Biosphere 2 Center staff on a sclerochronology exhibit."
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