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is an outreach initiative produced by the LAB@Thirteen, Thirteen/WNET New York's Educational and Community Outreach department. The project is designed to support the teaching and learning of Global History in high school classrooms. Drawing upon the powerful film resources of Thirteen's award-winning series of international documentaries, WIDE ANGLE, the site comprises a range of standards-based resources intended as a compelling supplement to existing curricula. The site was built for New York State teachers of Global History and Geography, and for Advanced Placement World History teachers nationwide - but we also invite teachers of other relevant subjects and grade levels to make use of these materials in their classrooms.

Our goal is that these resources will enrich the study of Global History in a variety of ways:
  • by using contemporary examples as jumping-off points to engage students with historical themes that were as relevant in the past as they are today;

  • to help students understand why the study of different countries and cultures matters to their lives and the lives of others;

  • and by drawing upon the motivating power of film to encourage learning and awareness across a range of learning styles.
For teachers, we hope these materials provide a flexible resource to facilitate the integration of quality media elements into standards-based classroom instruction. For students, we hope this project inspires an ongoing fascination with the myriads of connections that can be made - across time periods, regions, and human experiences - in the study of global affairs today and historically.

Producer and Associate Director, LAB@Thirteen
Ashlinn Quinn
Associate Producer
Rebecca Orlowicz

Director, LAB@Thirteen
Christopher W. Czajka
Vice President and Director of Education
Ronald Thorpe

Project Advisors
Kate Charleston
Louise Forsyth
Angela Magliano
Nancy Maguire
Mirla Morrison
Matthew Roberts
Lori Rosa
Kenneth Sigas

Senior Producer
Mikki Monkolchayut
Wilson Gu
Production Assistants
Diana Cofresi-Terrero
Chie Witt

HTML Implementation
Brian Santalone

Director of Production
Daniel B. Greenberg
Creative Director
Nick Miller
Director of Digital Strategy
David Hirmes
Technical Director
Brian Lee
Executive Director
Daniel Goldman